Explosives Expert Legal Consulting

If your law firm has taken on a case that involves explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, ordnance, or fireworks, Bob Morhard can help you navigate the technical issues and provide explosives expert legal consulting. Explosives expert consulting is a niche field that requires specific training and experience in order to provide reliable testimony and legal consulting. ExploConsult can offer that reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Our Experience

ExploConsult is operated by Bob Morhard who has more than 47 years of experience working with explosive subject matter. Mr. Morhard has extensive U.S. military technical training and provides explosive expert consulting for various projects including:

  • Product development and formulation
  • Explosive disposal
  • Raw materials approvals
  • Procedure development
  • Risk management
  • Explosives use and application
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Accident investigation

Mr. Morhard has had technical experiences over the past 47 years in explosives, detonator, propellants, ordnance, and pyrotechnics. This experience extends to all areas of formulation, safety, production, processing, management and storage, blasting application, manufacturing, handling, and disposal.

He is experienced in planning, designing, and managing the construction and startup of manufacturing facilities in 105 countries worldwide within more than 710 explosives, propellant, detonator, and pyrotechnic manufacturing plants.

To research more about Mr. Morhard’s extensive experience and expertise working with explosives, check out our qualifications page.

With explosive expert legal consulting from ExploConsult, you get experienced and qualified legal consulting for your upcoming case. Whether you’re looking for expert testimony or evidence, ExploConsult can help.

We’ve provided expert witness testimony in foreign and U.S. courts for both civil and criminal cases. We have an outstanding track record, winning or settling 97% percent of our cases mainly based on expert opinion reports provided by Mr. Morhard.

If you need an expert opinion on explosives, turn to ExploConsult. We’ll analyze your case and any existing evidence and help you shed light on what happened and how your case can move forward. Get a comprehensive opinion report that will provide extra evidence for your case from our dedicated team.

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